DB&L Services

DB&L renders a range of real estate related services to property owners, investors, and real estate funds. It provides it’s customers a comprehensive range of high-quality real estate management services. DB&L offers an independent alternative to the big real estate management houses, with higher responsiveness to client’s needs, and services specially tailored to the client’s needs.

Scope of Services

Investment Focus

Fund management services

  • Act as a manager of funds
  • Communication with investors
  • Direct portfolio and asset management
  • Investment implementation
  • Reporting to investors and supervisory bodies

Portfolio management services

  • Establish and manage a coherent and balanced portfolio
  • In compliance with investment strategy
  • Risk management

Establishment and management of Landbank

Asset Focus

Asset Management Services

  • Management of individual assets within portfolio
  • Optimize tenant mix
  • Optimization rental income
  • Safeguard value
  • Establishment and management of landbank

Real Estate project development

  • Greenfield projects
  • Redevelopment projects

Asset Management

Management and initiating of:

  • Collections
  • Write/offs assessment
  • Valuations (methodology and assumptions)
  • Book values
  • Rent levels
  • Yields
  • Insurance, coverage and premium cost allocations under SPV.
  • Legal Issues
  • Technical aspects, improvements, and long term maintenance

Performing and rendering advice on:

  • Market and Risk analysis
  • Economy
  • Retail Market
  • Market Outlook
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Hold/sell and Expansions decisions
  • Analysis and Recommendations.
  • Strategic positioning of asset and inclusion in the client’s portfolio