DB Investment & Real State renders a range of real estate related services to property owners, investors, and real estate funds, and has a senior management team with over 100 years of collective industry experience.

DB Investment & Real State has targeted a launching portfolio in order to enter the market rapidly and be able to generate returns for its investors as from Day 1. By making both acquisitions in an established investment management company as well as in properties, we have both the transaction machine as well as the objects to be managed in place.

DB Investment & Real State

Target Client Base

  • International Institutional Investors
  • Real Estate Funds
  • Banks
  • Fund Managers
  • Family offices

Originating from

  • European Union
  • Middle East
  • Africa


We are an independent real estate boutique, focusing on developing, investing and managing of:

  • Core retail assets
  • Refurbishing of retail assets to create value
  • Leisure assets on Iberic peninsula
  • Multi-function assets, in which the occupant is central
  • Co-development of smart cities

Competitive Edge

DB Investment & Real State adds value in and by:

  • Track record of more than 100 years, in all European regions;
  • Experience and track record with different retail, residential and leisure formats;
  • Experienced in working with well known and reputable international investors: Commerz Real, Union Investment, Canadian Pension Funds, Ares management, Church Commissioner for England, Swedish AP Funds, Dutch Pension Funds;
  • Outstanding network of family offices and HNW’s
  • Managing daily operation of Malls according the highest international standards
  • Creating new leasing strategies introducing new concepts in the markets
  • Assisting and rendering advice to further expansion of the Client’s portfolio

Geographical Scope. Following the customer.

Our Business Model

Management during the holding period

Management During Holding Period